The establishment of the Nonthaburi Telecommunication Training Center on August 24, 1960 with academic cooperation from the Government of Japan marked the origination of KMITL. The training center became the Nonthaburi Institute of Telecommunications under the Columbo Plan, later in 1964.

As specified by the 1971 King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Act, KMITL was originated by an amalgamation of three technical colleges: Nonthaburi Institute of Telecommunications, North Bangkok Technical College and Thonburi Technical College. In the same year, the Nonthaburi Institute of Telecommunications, or known as King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology at Nonthaburi Campus, was relocated to the district of Ladkrabang in Bangkok. The new campus was called ”Chao Khun Taharn Ladkrabang Campus”. The Nonthaburi Institute of Telecommunications became the Faculty of Engineering in 1972.

The Electrical engineering department was established and along with the buildings in 1973. In 1976, the electrical engineering department started to teach in bachelor’s degree students for the first time, which was the second faculty of engineering department. The bachelor’s degree had 5 years curriculum. The station of electrical engineering department was 2nd floor of A Building (6th Building). In 1977 the electrical engineering building construction was finished and opened for operation. In 1983 the bachelor’s degree curriculum was changed to be 4 years curriculum for the first time while it was the 22nd generation student.

In 1986, KMITL became a legitimate public university under a legislation called ”King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang”, which regulates its governance, administration and operation. Like other public universities in Thailand.

In 1989 Beginning of a 3 years curriculum (Continuing program) was gotten the bachelor’s degree while it was 27th generation student. The high vocational certificate students were promoted to be an electrical engineer.

In 2002 the electrical engineering department was moved to stay at ECC building.

In 2012 Electrical engineering department was started to teach the energy electrical engineering curriculum.

Electrical engineering department focuses on education, development and researching of electrical system, which is the most important for development economy and sociality of Thailand, because electrical engineers are the main part of planning, production and management on electrical energy, so the electrical engineers must have to know about the basic of both theorical and practical science, then the applying of the other engineering is also necessary. Especially, the creativity of electrical engineers can systematically use the knowledges to solve actual problems. Moreover, the electrical engineers must have responsibility, morals, discipline and virtue. Finally, electrical engineering department emphasizes the teaching and researching to make potential electrical engineers, then they will develop and improve industrial section and also other sectors of Thailand.